Energy Policy Careers

  • Are you interested in research and analyzing policy?
  • Would you like to work in energy and environment management?
  • Do you possess a strong background in economics?
  • Are you interested in finance, development, and the environment?

If so, then a career in energy and environment policy may be for you.

Career Tracks

Jobs are offered in the private sector (energy companies and energy consulting companies), the public sector (Ex: Department of Energy), and non-profits (think tanks and research institutions). General positions include:

  • Policy-Making: work in government organizations such as the Department of Energy in policy creation and enforcement.
  • Policy-Analysis: work in public or private sector to examine political and economic trends in energy policy.
  • Policy Research: work in the nonprofit world on general research of energy trends, international energy policy formation, and arranging international cooperation between utilities or other energy companies.
Entry Salaries and Benefits
  • Entry-level salaries range from the upper $30,000s in non-profit organizations, government, and research institutions to the upper $60,000s in engineering firms and consulting companies.
  • Upper-level salaries depend on technical background in the energy field
  • Entry-level Foreign Service Officers can expect an annual salary between $40,000 and $60,000, depending on previous work experiences and language ability.
Fast Facts
  • Includes electricity, natural gas, oil, and renewable energy technology, regarding energy acquisition and energy trading world-wide.
  • Energy companies and government/non-profit organizations seek candidates with economics backgrounds.
  • Private energy and energy consulting companies often recruit from their interns.
  • Nonprofits and international organizations are increasingly focusing on energy, environment, and development issues.
  • Private companies are dealing with corporate responsibility and sustainable development.
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