Career Development

The Jackson Institute Office of Career Services provides resources and programs for students across Yale. 

We work closely with Jackson M.A. students in identifying sites for their required summer experiences and with career search resources and support. We also offer guidance and resources to Global Affairs majors and other Yale undergraduates in support of their career goals. 

We can assist employers by identifying student talent from throughout the University in areas of global affairs.

For alumni, we host annual gatherings in the U.S. and abroad and offer career services and networking. We also encourage alumni to get involved as a career resource for current Yale students. 

Thanks to funding from Yale, I was able to spend my summer in Kenya, working at the NGO of a fellow classmate. Having spent seven years in the Army before coming to Yale, it was important to me to use my internship as a means of broadening my understanding of international relations beyond a military perspective.  The month I spent in Migori County, coaching entrepreneurial youth groups on ways to improve their business practices, was the perfect opportunity to expand my aperture while complementing my academic studies.  

Elizabeth Verardo MA ’16