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Career Conversation with Pat Desouza

Dr. Patrick DeSouza is Chairman of the Plain Sight Group, an innovation holding company that seeks to commercialize university technology, principally at Yale, both through strategic licensing to Fortune 500 companies and by adding value with technology to venture level spinoffs, buyouts and asset management products. Two Plain Sight companies in particular – American Leak Detection (environmental services) and Deep Markets (financial services) – provide illustrations of the application of Yale technology to high value opportunities. American Leak is a mature company and rapidly growing; by contrast, Deep Markets is a venture level company that has drawn significant investor interest. Both companies have international dimensions. American Leak solves water problems across the US but also Australia, Canada, Great Britain and is looking to expand internationally. Deep Markets has designed financial products for the US, UK and Japan and has attracted investor interest both in the US and UK. It is useful to note that Plain Sight’s American Leak buyout is for profit but has a public partnership dimension given the importance of water conservation and job creation. Dr. DeSouza is a graduate of Yale Law School and has a MA in International Relations from Yale. He also graduated from Columbia College and has PhD from Stanford. He has held various leadership positions in public and private companies and serves on various boards. Dr. DeSouza also served at the White House on the National Security Council during the Clinton Administration. He is the author of Economic Strategy and National Security.