What is the distinction between Development and Security?

We recognize that development and security are inextricably linked. This is why we require all global affairs majors to take core course in both fields. Nevertheless, there are differences between them, particularly in the types of questions that are likely to be addressed in courses that will count toward each track.

For development, common questions include the following: Why are countries poor? What factors explain income inequality? What variables help or harm economic development? What role can external factors, such as international financial institutions, foreign aid donors, or others play in encouraging development? How does the global economic climate and/or macroeconomic policy changes influence policymaking within states? What policies are likely to improve public health in poor countries? What is the relationship between political and economic development?

For security, common questions include the following: What explains interstate war? What makes peace more likely or more durable? What role does diplomacy play in international politics? Is nuclear proliferation good or bad for peace and stability? How can countries recover from conflict? How do political institutions influence a country’s prospects for peace and stability? What role do alliances play in interstate relations? How is human security best ensured? When is international military intervention likely to successfully achieve its goals? What role does international law play in international politics?


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