Program of Study

The M.A. in Global Affairs requires two years of graduate study at Yale. To complete the degree, students must take 16 courses which include three core requirements. Students must also demonstrate a functional or area concentration as well as proficiency in a modern language.

The Core

All incoming M.A. candidates are required to take History of the Present, (GLBL 803), Economics: Principles and Applications (GLBL 801), and Applied Methods of Analysis (GLBL 802), during the first semester of the program. These courses provide the student with a foundation in the forces of dynamic change and the efforts at ordering and governance that have shaped the modern world, an understanding of the application of economics to problems of interest in global affairs, and an appreciation of quantitative methods as tools for analysis in public affairs.

The Concentration

Beyond the three-course core, each M.A. candidate pursues an individualized course of study. Students are expected to develop a concentration based on a topical or functional specialization such as international environmental studies, international security studies, human rights policy, or the political economy of trade, development, finance or business. Students may also choose an regional specialization such as Africa, East Asia, Latin America, the Middle East, or Russia and Eastern Europe, among others. 

Other Requirements

Language Proficiency. To graduate, students must demonstrate the requisite foreign language competence either through successful completion of coursework (at Yale or elsewhere) or by passing a proficiency examination administered at Yale.

Entering students without the requisite language training as well as those whose academic and career goals require additional language training take language courses as part of the program or during the summer.

For international students who completed secondary school or an undergraduate degree in a language other than English, the language requirement may be fulfilled by demonstrated competence in English.

Students pursuing joint-degree programs must fulfill all language requirements, but are limited in the number of language courses they may apply toward the Global Affairs M.A. portion of the joint degree.

Summer Requirement. Students are required to use the summer between the first and second year of the program to further their professional or academic education. It is expected that this requirement will be fulfilled by obtaining experience through employment or an internship. The requirement may also be fulfilled by completing language study, or by completing research of an approved topic.

Academic Standing. Students must achieve at least two grades of Honors. Remaining grades must average at least High Pass. To have a High Pass average, any grade of Pass must be offset with an additional grade of Honors beyond the required two.