Jackson staff members are dedicated to advancing Jackson’s mission. Staff provide a range of support services to students, faculty and fellows.

Jana Buck Thumbnail
Jana Buck
Maureen Farrell Thumbnail
Maureen Farrell
Director of Communications
Heather Fosburgh Thumbnail
Heather Fosburgh
Director of Programs and Outreach, Greenberg World Fellows Program
Elizabeth Gill Thumbnail
Elizabeth Gill
Director of Career and Alumni Engagement
Valerie Hallstrom Thumbnail
Valerie Hallstrom
Financial Coordinator
Alice Kustenbauder Thumbnail
Alice Kustenbauder
Program Coordinator, Greenberg World Fellows Program
Sarah Masotta Thumbnail
Sarah Masotta
Assistant to the Director
Carla Mills Thumbnail
Carla Mills
Program Coordinator, Senior Fellows
Nancy Phillips Thumbnail
Nancy Phillips
Assistant to Director of Career and Alumni Engagement
Asha Rangappa Thumbnail
Asha Rangappa
Director of Admissions and Senior Lecturer
Larisa Satara Thumbnail
Larisa Satara
Deputy Director
Timothy Stumph Thumbnail
Timothy Stumph
Director of Admissions, Greenberg World Fellows Program
Lily Sutton Thumbnail
Lily Sutton
Director of Student Affairs