Hongwei (Lesley) Li graduated from Fudan University with a BA in philosophy. During her undergraduate studies, she initiated a field research project in Jaipur, India, on education equality for impoverished children. Her internship experience in China’s Ministry of Civil Affairs gave her deep insights into policy implementation within China. During her MA studies at Yale, she developed her professional skills with three different organizations in both the public and private sectors, and enhanced her insights on global economy and public policy with a cross-sector perspective. In 2013, she interned at the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) in New York City, and she researched women empowerment and children’s educational issues in South American countries. After that, she worked for Dell EMC Corporation in Boston, where she was dedicated to solving corporate policy issues, such as sustainability and conflict minerals. She joined Bain & Company as a management consultant, where she worked with leading organizations across the private, public and social sectors to provide professional recommendations and strive for concrete results. She has served different types of clients, including multinational conglomerates, China SOEs and private companies in various industries. In addition to an MA in Global Affairs, she is also pursuing an MBA from Yale’s School of Management.