Ines-Cyd Oyono graduated magna cum laude from the American University of Paris with a BA in International and Comparative Politics. As a honor student, she successfully completed the honor’s program in politics, philosophy and economics. Ines-Cyd also holds a Master’s degree in diplomacy from the International Relations Institute of Cameroon, where she defended her master’s thesis entitled “Restoring women’s leadership as traditional mediators in conflict resolution in Africa: A case study of Liberia” with the highest honors.

Her dedication and commitment to international affairs motivated her decision to enter the Cameroonian Foreign Service at the age of 23. For two years, she faithfully served at the Ministry of External Relations, where she was appointed at the service of political and legal affairs of the Department of the United Nations and Decentralized Cooperation.  While at the Ministry, she covered issues ranging from nuclear proliferation and chemical weapons to international development. Passionate about international security and peacekeeping, she joined the International School for Security Forces (EIFORCES) in 2013 as a research fellow. Ines-Cyd’s research interests include international security, public policy and gender issues. 

At Yale, she plans to focus on counterterrorism and on the de-radicalization and the disengagement of African terrorists, using African modes of conflict resolution involving restorative justice. Ines is fluent in both English and French and is proficient is Spanish.