Lydia El Bouazzati was born and raised in Morocco. In 2005, she graduated with honors with a degree in computer engineering from ENSEIRB engineering school in France. After graduation, she worked as an oil and gas engineer in a major multinational company. She started in Paris then went to Angola for more than three years, first in the capital Luanda, then offshore to operate a platform located 100 miles from shore. After that, she came back to Paris to develop the design of new oil and gas installations for different countries. During her nine-year career, Lydia developed her expertise in oil, water and natural gas process design and exploitation and traveled around the world. While in Paris, she became interested in Near Eastern antiquities, impressionism and opera. At Yale, Lydia studied sustainable energy policy, taking classes in economics, finance, land use planning, and anthropology. She worked for the state of Connecticut to research public policy initiatives to reduce carbon emissions in the transportation sector and for an energy storage start-up to analyze energy storage regulatory environments in different states. Since her very first day at Jackson, Lydia felt fortunate to be surrounded by such amazing people and grateful to welcome her child into such a benevolent place.