Nelly Mecklenburg, while at Jackson, has studied gender and conflict, focusing on the gaps between policy and practice on rights issues in fragile and transitional state contexts. Prior to graduate school, she worked at a strategic communications firm based in New York City, advising West African governments on development agendas and organizing international conferences, as well as in the NGO sector, at an all-women's college in Kigali, Rwanda. Last summer she interned in the Office of the Assistant Secretary-General on Intergovernmental Support and Strategic Partnerships at the UN Women headquarters in New York. Nelly graduated from the University of Chicago in 2011 with an honors BA in history, concentrating on 20th century comparative gender and race studies. As an undergraduate, she studied in France and South Africa and helped establish a women-owned and -run ice cream shop in Butare, Rwanda. She is from New York City.