Robert Greiner is an Army strategist who specializes in defense planning, policy, and strategy. He is a 2002 graduate of Ohio University with a B.A. in sociology. Robert’s military career spans 17 years and includes time as an enlisted artilleryman as well as armor officer on the M1A1 main battle tank. He most recently worked at the Department of Army Headquarters in Washington, DC where he led policy development for irregular warfare, security cooperation, and international military engagement. Prior to this Robert was assigned to the Department of State as a military liaison within the Management Bureau. Here he advised senior State officials on issues pertaining to chief of mission authority and the integration of diplomatic and defense capabilities. Throughout his career Robert has also served as a military advisor to the Iraq Army and Iraq Department of Border Enforcement, a cavalry troop commander and executive officer, heavy armor platoon leader, and enlisted cannon crew member. While at Yale, Robert seeks to broaden his understanding of the national security apparatus with a focus on foreign policy and international security.