Robin Czerwinski came to the Jackson Institute for Global Affairs to learn how to apply her training in environmental sciences to the policy world. She focused her graduate studies on empirical research techniques and how scientific evidence can be used to inform policy decisions, specifically to improve environmental quality and human well-being. With an interest in water governance, Robin spent last summer working for the International Joint Commission, the bi-national government agency that manages the shared waters between the U.S. and Canada. Through the Environmental Protection Clinic, Robin also worked as a consultant for a small NGO in Alaska that was concerned about British Columbia mines that threaten transnational rivers. In her free time, Robin enjoyed mentoring undergraduates as a Graduate Affiliate of Silliman College. She also was the teaching fellow for two Jackson courses, served as a World Fellow Liaison for Gernot Laganda, helped organize the Jackson Forum, and coordinated the water panel for the Yale Environmental Sustainability Summit. Before coming to Yale, Robin served as a U.S. Peace Corps volunteer in Mexico, worked for the National Park Service, and earned her BS in the environment with highest honors from the University of Michigan.