Sebastian Pfülb graduated summa cum laude with an interdisciplinary BA in liberal arts and sciences from Maastricht University’s honors college, focusing on international affairs and Middle East politics. He has received several research grants for the work on his senior thesis, which examined President Obama’s Middle East policy in the wake of the 2011 revolutions. Prior to his graduate studies at Yale, Sebastian spent several years in the Middle East, working as a project manager and research fellow for the Regional Office Gulf States of Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung, Germany’s most prominent political foundation. In this capacity, he was responsible for the design, implementation, and evaluation of development interventions in the fields of good governance, economic development, and civil society as well as high-level policy dialogues.  During his time at Yale, he focused on political and economic development while continuing to pursue his passion for the Arab world as a teaching fellow for the undergraduate Gateway to Global Affairs and Introduction to the Middle East courses and by organizing a field trip to Israel and the Palestinian Territories. Upon graduating, Sebastian will join McKinsey & Company as a consultant in his native Germany.