Tarleton Watkins graduated with honors from the University of St. Andrews in 2015 with a degree in international relations and French. His research focused on the political economy, governance, and multilateral relations of sub-Saharan francophone west and central Africa, as well as political manifestations of Islam in the Middle East and North Africa. While at St. Andrews, Tarleton served as editor-in-chief of theĀ Foreign Affairs Review, a global affairs publication with graduate and undergraduate contributors. Following graduation, Tarleton spent a year working in politics, first on a 2016 presidential campaign and then in the United States Senate. Tarleton is now pursuing a Masters of Religion at Yale Divinity School, with a concentration in ethics, and has worked in policy research as an intern with The Episcopal Church Office of Government Relations. At Yale, Tarleton is interested in the role of faith in public life and political discourse, as well as the challenges of religious diversity in secular state structures and societies.