Yihana von Ritter grew up in Maryland in a Costa Rican-German household. At Yale, she is pursuing joint degrees: a Masters in Global Affairs at Jackson and an MBA at the School of Management. For her undergraduate degree, she studied at Stanford with a BA in political science and Honors in democracy, development and the rule of law. Instrumental to her exploration of her passion of international development was the time Yihana spent in Papua New Guinea, living on an island without running water or electricity in order to teach and conduct research for her thesis on HIV/AIDS policy. Seeking more grassroots exposure, Yihana joined the Peace Corps and served in Paraguay for two years, where her most exciting project was co-founding a democracy-building social accountability organization. She also worked alongside the Ministry of Education and a fellow Peace Corps volunteer to develop the country’s first primary school curriculum for health education. In pursuit of a more structured approached to public health and development, Yihana joined the Clinton Health Access Initiative (CHAI), where she directly advised the Ministries of Health of Costa Rica, Dominican Republic, and El Salvador on their efforts to eliminate malaria in their countries by 2020. Yihana and her team produced the countries’ first maps predicting sources of malaria infection, which allowed a more targeted use of resources. At Yale, she is pursuing the MBA and Masters in Global Affairs with the goal of equipping herself with managerial and financial tools and better understanding agency in conflict situations. She aims to lead a social enterprise improving access to reproductive health in developing country conflict zones.