Zack Devlin-Foltz grew up in Washington, D.C., playing baseball and occasionally spending summers in the Dominican Republic volunteering and playing more baseball. He studied economics and political science at Macalester College in Minnesota. After college, he spent a year among soccer fans in Latin America as a Thomas J. Watson Fellow and several months in Cairo studying Arabic and researching the relationship between state capacity and Islamism. More recently, Zack spent four and a half years as an active duty Marine Corps Infantry Officer, serving on islands in the Pacific, on boats in the Middle East, and with a training/advising team in Guatemala. He continues to serve as a Marine reservist. At Yale, he is honing his empirical analysis skills and applying them to political violence, especially sub-state conflict and international intervention. He is Editor-in-Chief of Jackson’s own Yale Journal of International Affairs and a member of the Jackson Women student organization.