Zongzhong Tang focused his MA studies on the challenges and opportunities in emerging markets. In his career, Zongzhong hopes to contribute to effective and impactful investments and business practices that benefit both international stakeholders and local communities. He grew up in four different cities in China and completed his BSc in international relations from the London School of Economics and Political Science in 2013, with a keen focus on Asia. Between the LSE and Yale, Zongzhong worked in Singapore for three years as a risk consultant at Blackpeak Group, focusing on pre-investment due diligence research and political risk analysis across Southeast Asia and Greater China. His other experiences include conducting research on Chinese economic activities in Latin America at the Colombian-Chinese Chamber of Investment and Commerce, providing live online coverage of the 2016 general election in Taiwan, working at the Peruvian Embassy in London as a research assistant focusing on domestic political issues in the U.K., as well as volunteering with an environmental NGO in rural Uganda.