Application Process

Yale students are encouraged to apply to the certificate program early in their degree program.

We will accept applications each fall semester, with an application due date of November 15.

In the personal statement to be submitted with the application, students must discuss how the certificate is relevant to their academic and career plans. Specifically, students should organize their certificate program around a particular focus within Global Health. In their personal statement, applicants should specify how the proposed courses help to address the focal issue. Applicants should also discuss how proficiency in their chosen language is relevant to their proposed certificate program. The Faculty Advisor may set a limit on the number of applicants accepted for this program in any given year.

At the beginning of each term, students should submit a progress report along with a copy of their unofficial transcript to the Faculty Advisor. This should include a brief narrative describing the student’s engagement in the Global Health intellectual community and participation in its events, as well as any planned or newly completed experiences overseas.

Award of the certificate, beyond fulfilling the relevant requirements, is contingent upon the successful completion of the candidate’s Yale University degree program. A student who intends to file for the final award of the certificate should contact the Jackson Institute registrar and Global Health Faculty Advisor no later than the fourth week of the term in which the award is expected.

The candidate should demonstrate how he/she has or will have completed all the requirements prior to the conferral of their Graduate or Professional School degree. At the end of the candidate’s last term as grades are finalized, the Jackson Institute will confirm that the candidate is cleared to receive the home degree and has fulfilled all the requirements of the certificate. Students may elect to retrieve the certificate award in person from the Jackson Institute after Commencement. Otherwise, the Jackson Institute will send the certificate award to the student by mail after Commencement.