From the Director

Welcome to Yale’s Jackson Institute for Global Affairs.

I’m proud to be the director of the Jackson Institute, a diverse and multilayered community of scholars, practitioners, and students from all over the globe.

In my role as director, I get to work with our phenomenal faculty and our impressive Senior Fellows, but the best part of my job is working with students. In addition to overseeing operations of the institute, I also teach economics courses.

Our students all have amazing backgrounds, they’re ambitious, and they want to go out and make a difference. We have a small graduate program – about 35 students per class. With that size, we have the luxury of really crafting a community. Our students have worked in complicated parts of the world on important problems.

One of the things that makes Jackson so special is the integration with the rest of Yale. Our faculty are drawn from the Yale professional schools and the graduate school. Students from around the university take our classes.

It’s inspiring to see the community that we’ve built at Jackson. I feel great about where we’ve been, where we are and especially, where we’re going.

Jackson’s future is bright – we hope you’ll join us.


Jim Levinsohn

Charles Goodyear Professor of Global Affairs
Director, Jackson Institute for Global Affairs