GLBL 789-790

The Jackson Institute invites applications to the Leadership course offered by GEN (Ret.) Stanley McChrystal & Chris Fussell.

Interested students should submit their applications no later than 9am ET on Monday, August 16.
All applicants will be notified of the outcome of their application by August 25.

This year-long, two-credit course (GLBL 789-GLBL 790) will examine the practical execution of leadership in today’s environment. Using a combination of historical case studies and recent events, we will review how dramatic changes in technology, society, politics, media, and globalization have increased the complexity of the tasks facing modern leaders. Although the course will include the military aspects of leadership, the overall objective will be to study leadership in a wider context, identifying the common factors shared by politics, business, education, warfare, and other fields. Some of the specific topics to be covered will include: the changing leadership environment; the role of the leader; driving change; making difficult decisions; dealing with risk; coping with failure; navigating politics; and the effect of modern media.

The class will meet on the following dates:

Fall 2021

September 9 (Thursday 7:15-9:05pm)

September 10 (Friday, 11:20am-1:10pm)

September 18-19 (Saturday-Sunday) class trip

October 14 (Thursday, 7:15-9:05pm)

October 15 (Friday, 11:20am-1:10pm)

October 28 (Thursday, 7:15-9:05pm)

October 29 (Friday, 11:20am-1:10pm)

November 11 (Thursday, 7:15-9:05pm)

November 12 (Friday, 11:20am-1:10pm)

December 2 (Thursday, 7:15-9:05pm)

December 3 (Friday, 11:20am-1:10pm)


Spring 2022

January 20 (Thursday, 7:15-9:05pm)

January 21 (Friday, 11:20am-1:10pm)

January 27 (Thursday, 7:15-9:05pm)

January 28 (Friday, 11:20am-1:10pm)

February 10 (Thursday, 7:15-9:05pm)

February 11 (Friday, 11:20am-1:10pm)

February 24 (Thursday, 7:15-9:05pm)

February 25 (Friday, 11:20am-1:10pm)

March 3 (Thursday, 7:15-9:05pm)

March 4 (Friday, 11:20am-1:10pm)

April 8-9 (Friday-Saturday) class trip

April 21 (Thursday, 7:15-9:05pm)

April 22 (Friday, 11:20am-1:10pm)


GLBL 789-790 Seminar Application (F21-S22)

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