Nonproliferation Careers

  • Would you like to work towards ending the development of nuclear weapons?
  • Would you like to work towards preventing nuclear conflicts?
  • Do you have a background in nuclear history and political conflict?
  • Do you enjoy seeking out different approaches to problem-solving?

If so, then a career in nonproliferation may be for you.

Career Tracks

A career in nonproliferation may begin by getting an internship or fellowship with a governmental agency or nongovernmental organization. A typical career path includes working in an entry level position in one of these organizations and working your way up over time. See current GS pay levels for the federal government for an idea of expected salary, other hiring organizations will vary depending on sector.

Sample Employers

American Nuclear Society,
International Atomic Energy Agency,
European Nuclear Society,
Nuclear Energy Institute,
US Department of Energy,
US Nuclear Regulatory Commission,


There is a demand for professionals well-educated in nuclear science and engineering, as many people in the field will be retiring. Nuclear nonproliferation experts in general will also continue to be needed, as challenges such as the emergence of new proliferating states and the added threat of terrorists acquiring nuclear weapons will require new and revised strategies.

Fast Facts
  • Work to reduce or end development of nuclear weapons
  • Focus on responding to potential conflicts arising from nuclear development
  • Promote safe use of nuclear science to insure that it is not used for military purposes
  • Future challenges deal with new technology and increasing threat of non-state actors
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