Conference | Financial Stability: Hidden Dangers and Future Directions

Friday, March 3, 2023 8:30 AM - 5:00 PM

Location: Horchow Hall

Cost: Free but register in advance
103 (GM Room)
55 Hillhouse Avenue
New Haven CT 06511


The Yale Jackson School of Global Affairs will host the conference, “Financial Stability: Hidden Dangers and Future Directions.” The conference brings together leading experts in finance, technology, and related fields to discuss the latest research and thinking on the topic of financial stability, with a particular focus on financial markets. The conference aims to explore a range of issues related to financial stability in the context of financial markets, including the causes and consequences of financial instability, the regulation and supervision of financial markets, the role of financial institutions in promoting efficient and resilient markets, and the impact of technological innovation on financial stability. 

Panel discussions will cover a broad range of topics, including regulation, risk management practices in financial institutions, the role of central banks in promoting stability, and the challenges posed by emerging cyber threats, critical infrastructure vulnerabilities and illicit activities. The conference will provide an opportunity for researchers and practitioners to share ideas and insights, debate key issues, and develop new collaborations and partnerships.  The conference will provide a forum for in-depth discussions and debates, with ample time for Q&A and networking. Overall, the conference will offer a unique opportunity to engage with the latest research and thinking on financial stability in financial markets, and to connect with other experts in the field. The all-day event, which is open to the Yale community, is co-sponsored by the Program on Financial Stability at the Yale School of Management. Please register in advance. For questions about the conference, please contact Erica Weston at or 203-432-0323.

Open To:

Faculty, Graduate and Professional, Staff, Students, Undergraduate, Yale Postdoctoral Trainees


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