Aishwarya Bhattacharya (PC '21) is a prospective Neuroscience major from Mumbai, India with a passion for Women's, Gender and Sexuality studies. Her interest in Global Health stems from her own experience with Dengue fever in 2016 and her role as a research assistant for a Diabetes study, wherein she realized that the vulnerable populations that need healthcare the most, often cannot access and/or afford it. She hopes to use the multi-disciplinary aspect of the global health framework to combine her background in science with her knowledge of gender theory to do research that will benefit the populations previously ignored due to androcentricity in scientific research: women, trans and intersex communities. She hopes to learn how to influence policy changes to advocate for the vulnerable 'third-gender' population in India. She is a board member of Period@ Yale that advocates for menstrual health equity in New Haven, a member of the varsity Squash team and a research assistant at the Yale Child Study Center as well as part of the research team on the Psychology of gender.