Amanda C. Blair graduated summa cum laude and First-Class Honors from the College of William & Mary and University of St Andrews Joint Degree Program. She received her B.A. in international relations with a minor in economics, focusing her undergraduate studies on foreign policy and national security. At William & Mary, Amanda worked as a research fellow at the Project on International Peace & Security (PIPS), where she developed policy recommendations to address the geopolitical consequences of China’s growing demand for sand, a non-renewable resource and essential component of concrete, in the South China Sea. In 2016, Amanda was selected by faculty at William & Mary to receive the International Relations Award for Excellence, largely in recognition of her work at PIPS. Amanda also worked as an analyst at Kobre & Kim LLP, a global financial litigation firm, for two years after graduation. She contributed primarily to the firm’s cross-border Government Enforcement Defense matters, providing research and analysis on international laws and regulations as they pertained to the defense of the firm’s clients against allegations brought by law enforcement authorities in the United States and other countries. At Yale, Amanda plans to explore the international legal and policy frameworks surrounding today’s most pressing national security challenges.