Vu Ha is an analyst serving the Americas Department, in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Vietnam. His work covers aspects of Vietnam-U.S. bilateral ties, U.S.-China relations, and U.S. policy towards the South China Sea and the Korean Peninsula. Vu had set himself three goals before coming to the Jackson Institute: (1) to better understand how U.S. policy-makers viewed U.S.-China relations; (2) to better understand the economics of U.S. foreign policy; and (3) to add a quantitative element to his research. During his two years at the Jackson Institute, Vu gained invaluable knowledge and fundamental skills towards these goals. His summer internship at the Vietnam Embassy in Washington, D.C. provided him with the opportunity and resources to translate these skills into tangible output. Vu’s studies at the Jackson Institute will serve as a strong foundation for his further research as he reassumes his post in the MFA. The Americas Department’s research portfolio remains skewed towards the political and geo-strategic dimensions of policy-making. Vu hopes to carve out his own niche in economic policy and quantitative analysis.