Candice Mulinda is a junior in Trumbull College majoring in Religious Studies and pursuing a certificate in Spanish. Raised in the predominantly Christian area of Roanoke County, VA, she grew up accustomed to discussing her political views in the context of the Protestant faith. Her academic interests lie in the intersection of religion and politics in the American southeast. She took a gap semester in the fall of 2020 to work during the general election as a Field Organizer for Amy McGrath’s Senate race in Kentucky and during the runoffs for the Georgia Democratic Party. Additionally, in New Haven’s 2021 municipal elections, she worked as a campaign manager for Alder Eli Sabin’s campaign for Ward 7 Alder. After graduation, she hopes to return to the South to work on campaigns in the Bible Belt. On campus, she is a co-leader for Yale Progressive Christian Students, a chair for Yale Model Congress, a tour guide, and a member of Yale Steppin’ Out. In her free time, she enjoys running, making ceramics in the Trumbull pottery studio, and hanging out with friends.