Carlos Vizcarra holds a JD, an LLM in National Security Law, and a certificate in refugees and humanitarian emergencies from Georgetown University. His capstone JD paper, awarded the best paper in the seminar designation, analyzed U.S., Chinese, and international law related to infectious disease quarantine authority. He has undertaken Chinese language studies at Middlebury College’s summer language school and at Minzu University in Beijing. He received his BA in history from Arizona State University. Carlos is interested in the spread and influence of authoritarian and illiberal regimes and the rise of multipolarity, especially in relation to East Asia. His extensive work in U.S. electoral politics inspired his interest in global politics and international relations and his love of history has shaped his worldview. Prior to coming to Yale, Carlos worked on political campaigns in 22 states and at two national party committees in roles ranging from campaign management and political outreach to research, communications, and organizing. In 2016 he served on Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign as the director of voter protection for the battleground state of New Hampshire.