Christian E. Marin Kaldman is a Fulbright Scholar pursuing an MA in Global Affairs at the Jackson Institute. Born and raised in Mexico City, he graduated with honors from Universidad Iberoamericana with a bachelor’s degree in economics, where he served as president of the Economics Student Council and the Electoral Committee. After graduating, Christian interned at Bank of America Merrill Lynch before joining the international reserves division of the Bank of Mexico (Central Bank), where he would later oversee the daily multibillion dollar market operations of the U.S. dollar investments office. As part of the reserve management team, he led the acquisition of the first green financial securities in the history of the Central Bank from institutions such as the World Bank and the European Investment Bank. Fluent in French, English and Spanish, Christian will study at Yale the intersection of politics and global financial markets, focusing in policies that incentivize public financial institutions around the world (such as central banks, sovereign wealth funds and public pension funds) to commit to socially responsible investments.