Christina Hijiya (DC '22) is a pre-med Molecular, Cellular, and Developmental Biology/History of Science, Medicine, and Public Health double major. She is originally from Chicago, Illinois and now resides in New York. Christina is interested in the stories that are told in global health, history, and biology, and how they are told and who gets to tell them. She is especially interested in the historically persistent association of racial and ethnic difference with disease, and how this rhetoric manifests itself in the present. Through Global Health Scholars, Christina hopes to combine her interests in storytelling, infectious disease biology, and the historical successes and failures of health interventions to reduce inequalities and misunderstandings in global health today. On campus, Christina works as a research assistant to further understand the pathogenesis of leptospirosis, an emerging zoonotic disease, at the Yale School of Public Health. She also teaches health workshops to high school students with Community Health Educators, and volunteers at HAVEN Free Clinic. An avid writer and poet, she also writes articles for the Yale Scientific and is a member of WORD: Performance Poetry at Yale.