Dennis Quinn is a student in the Master in Public Policy program at the Jackson Institute, where he is focusing on the humanitarian and national security impacts of climate change with a particular emphasis on humanitarian data streams. Prior to Jackson, Dennis was a fellow and computational social scientist at the Pew Research Center, where he led Pew’s agenda on data science and U.S. religion, as well as the Center’s early forays into computational migration research. His research has been featured in the New York Times and the Washington Post and he has been interviewed on multiple networks, including the USA radio network. Prior to joining Pew, Dennis was a Fulbright research fellow in Jordan, where he examined how Jordan’s regulatory environment impacted local entrepreneurship and venture capital markets. Dennis also speaks Jordanian and Modern Standard Arabic, and graduated magna cum laude from Georgetown University. Prior to attending Georgetown, he was a firefighter and Emergency Medical Technician in Montgomery County, Maryland.