Hayoung Choi is an MPP student and Fulbright scholar focused on human rights and public policy. At Yale, she is exploring her interest in the intersection of human rights and sustainable development through interdisciplinary approaches. Before coming to Yale, she worked as a consultant for Human Rights Watch, where she gained hands-on experience with research on human rights violations in the two Koreas, as well as fundraising and public outreach. Through her career as an international journalist for nearly 6 years, she built strong communication and networking skills. Hayoung also published multiple analytical and investigative stories on labor conditions and social strife in Korea as a Seoul correspondent for Reuters. Her in-depth coverage of human rights activism and constant interactions with local NGOs led her to pursue graduate studies in public policy. Hayoung was born and raised in Seoul, Korea, and received her BA from Korea University in 2016. Hayoung is looking for professional opportunities at international human rights organizations where she can conduct human rights research and do policy advocacy activities leveraging international human rights mechanisms.