Joey Gagnard, a current M.A.S. student at Yale University’s Jackson Institute for Global Affairs and an active duty U.S. Army Warrant Officer, most recently served as a detachment commander for the U.S. Army Special Operations Command. He has led joint service and international teams across three continents in myriad tactical military efforts. Throughout his career Joey has spent more than six years deployed to combat theaters, but also has extensive experience operating and leading outside of theaters of armed conflict. As a Modern Standard Arabic speaker, Joey continues to pursue refugee relief and education initiatives for those who are severely affected by the Islamic State Group and other radical ideologies. Joey is a member of the Military Intelligence Corps Association as a Knowlton Awardee, and a member of the United States Army Warrant Officer Association. Joey is currently a teaching fellow at the Jackson Institute, assisting with a collaborative seminar on special operations history, context, and future utilization. He has completed numerous civilian, military and inter-agency certifying courses directed at enhancing strategic reach and operational capacity. Joey was hand-selected to attend a series of executive studies programs at Duke University which enhanced understanding of strategic policy, especially regarding great power competition. Upon graduation, Joey will return to U.S. Army Special Operations Command to serve at the intersection of policy and tactical requirements.