Jonathan Silverthorne is a third year joint-degree student at the Yale School of the Environment and School of Management. Specializing in Energy and the Environment, he is passionate about identifying and scaling the technologies and policies that will allow us to transition to a decarbonized economy. Prior to Yale, he was the director of a program on global leadership at the Atlantic Council, worked in the Obama Administration as a Latin America policy advisor, and worked on the finance team of the 2008 Obama campaign. Jonathan is a teaching fellow for courses on electric utilities and human capital, has been a research assistant for Professor Daniel Esty, and helped create one of Yale’s first online courses in 2018, focused on renewable energy policy. Over the past two years, he has also interned at Ranger Power, a utility-scale solar company, where he has developed solar projects and advised on strategy. Jonathan graduated from Dartmouth College with a B.A. in History and speaks fluent French and Russian.