Lucas Isakowitz is an Emmy-nominated producer and environmental writer, a second-year master’s student at the Yale School of Forestry and Environmental Studies, and Co-Executive Director of the Environmental Film Festival at Yale. Lucas is most interested in studying the management and sustainable use of freshwater resources, and exploring how to build out political will for environmental action; more specifically, his work centers on coalition building and harnessing the power of environmental storytelling. Most recently, Lucas worked for The Nature Conservancy, researching governance and finance models to be used in the creation of a water fund for the Colorado River delta. Lucas has written extensively on the environmental crisis and the wonders of the natural world, publishing stories and documentaries for Time Magazine, Fusion, Project Earth, Mother Jones, Grist, and Univision; he aims to bring environmental issues into peoples’ heads, hands and hearts, and keep alive the natural curiosity that we all had as children.

In the future, Lucas hopes to work for an environmental organization, helping to shape natural resource policies and galvanize support for effective conservation policies.