Mehdi Baqri (SY’21) is majoring in biomedical engineering with a concentration in biomolecular engineering. He is from Orlando, Florida, but considers Hyderabad, India to be his second home. Mehdi is interested in the application of biomedical technologies to conflict areas, particularly among refugee and internally displaced person (IDP) populations in the MENA and South Asian regions. He sees global healthcare as a critical platform for promoting equality, and aims to incorporate this purpose into his academic and extracurricular pursuits. At the medical school, Mehdi conducts research on nanoparticle drug delivery to the brain for treating glioblastoma. He is also co-president of the Yale Undergraduate Research Association, political chair of the Yale Muslim Students Association, and a youth liaison for Imamia Medics International, a global health NGO. For the future, Mehdi is excited to translate his experience as a Global Health Scholar into an impactful career at the intersection of healthcare, research, and meaningful activism.