Muzhda Sadat
Born and raised in Kabul, Afghanistan, Muzhda Sadat earned both her bachelor’s and master’s degrees in business administration while working full-time on postwar development of her country. For eleven years, Muzhda held several leadership positions, advocating for gender equality, environmental safeguards and anti-corruption measures, for both governmental and non-governmental projects. She has worked closely with the office of the Afghan President on anti-corruption efforts. She has also spearheaded similar projects at the National Solidarity Program and Citizens’ Charter National Priority Program. Muzhda has been fortunate to attend several leadership and women’s empowerment workshops internationally, where she has been inspired to return home and make a difference. As a founder of a local charity organization, Muzhda spends her free time raising funds and organizing volunteer projects to help the homeless populations in Kabul. Muzhda graduated from Yale University’s Jackson Institute for Global Affairs with a Master of Advanced Study in Global Affairs. Muzhda’s area of focus is community development, particularly sustainable development efforts in postwar countries.