Nithya Krishnamurthy (BK ’22) is a History of Science, Medicine and Public Health major from San Diego, California. She has published clinical research on personalized therapy and liquid biopsies for cancer and has laboratory experience at the Salk Institute and Yale Cancer Biology Institute. After volunteering in rural clinics in Panama and India, she was disheartened by the disparities in access to quality care, especially for women. At Yale, she is co-president of Global Medical Brigades and Director of Research for the Hypertension Awareness and Prevention Program, where she is investigating the most effective means of connecting underserved populations to primary care. She is also investigating the deprioritization of drugs for business reasons, to illustrate how abandoned drugs can be repurposed for the benefit of patients and population health. She serves as co-director for Student Partnerships for Global Health, and is spearheading a project in San Pedro, Ecuador looking at sociocultural and economic barriers to cervical cancer screenings and the HPV vaccination. She works as an EMT with YEMS and loves to practice yoga and kickboxing. She hopes to pursue a career as a physician with a focus on global oncology and healthcare equity.