Pranav Savanur is a second-year MPH candidate at the Yale School of Public Health, working at the intersection of climate change, emerging pandemics, social justice, and poverty alleviation. He is a co-founding member of Right to Health Action (R2HA), a policy think tank and one of the largest COVID-19 social movements in the United States. As a Senior Fellow and Policy Co-Chair at R2HA, Pranav helped shape the World Bank’s Pandemic Fund, World Health Organization’s Pandemic Treaty, President Biden’s National Biodefense Strategy, and multiple bipartisan legislation in Congress to advance interventions that combat climate change driven pandemics and global health security. Pranav currently directs state teams of health and climate activists, organizing and mobilizing Members of Congress to win political commitments for health and climate justice. This past summer, he interned with Gavi, the Vaccine Alliance in Geneva, Switzerland, where he worked on the pandemic treaty negotiations, universal healthcare, and the world’s most extensive vaccine equity campaign. Previously, Pranav completed his undergraduate in Human Health Biology and a certificate in Global Health from Kansas State University. In his free time, Pranav loves to play badminton, improve his culinary skills, and plans to travel to 30 countries by age 30.