Rami Rajjoub ('22) is from Columbus, OH but considers Syria to be his second home. Rami has a deep connection to the Syrian Refugee crisis, where he has spent a few summers working directly with refugees in Jordan. From these experiences, he has developed a particular interest in studying the mental health aspect of refugee life. Rami is specifically interested in mental health illnesses that arise within children who grow up in a war-torn country, including children who are suffering from PTSD and other psychosocial symptoms. He hopes to be able to shed some light on the matter as it is not getting enough attention. Rami is undertaking the Molecular, Cellular, and Developmental Biology, neurobiology track here at Yale. He is currently working at a Neurosurgery Lab with Dr. Murat Gunel and Dr. Jennifer Moliterno, where he is helping conduct clinical studies on novel techniques and approaches related to surgically removing brain tumors, particularly acoustic neuromas. Rami is also involved with a couple of clubs on campus, including Yale Helix Incubator, YIRA, the Yale Refugee Project, and the Yale Muslim Student Association. In his free time, Rami loves playing soccer and reading about psychology and technology.