Ryan Ritraj (DC ’20) is a Molecular, Cellular, and Developmental Biology major from Syosset, New York. Ryan is interested in the intersection of molecular biology, global health, and human rights. His major area of focus in Global Health is HIV/AIDS. Over the course of a summer at the Aaron Diamond AIDS Research Center conducting biomedical research on HIV-1 latency reversal, he realized that he was also interested in studying HIV and immunology in the context of public health and social justice.  His research is focused on the development of new, more accessible treatments for HIV, and he studies the engineering of HIV-neutralizing antibodies at the Infectious Disease Unit of the Yale School of Medicine.  In addition, Ryan wants to explore the relationship between stigma towards LGBTQ individuals and rates of HIV infection, as well as how effective and equitable health policy can reduce instances of communicable diseases in marginalized populations.  Outside of his HIV-related lab work, Ryan is involved with the Alzheimer’s Disease Research Unit, New Haven Reads, the New Haven AIDS Walk, and the Mayor’s Task Force on AIDS. He is also a researcher for the Security and Foreign Policy Center of the Yale Roosevelt Institute, and in his free time, enjoys reading, cooking, and dancing.