Soley Kaldal works as an expert lead for Arctic safety and security cooperation at the Icelandic Coast Guard. She is also an adviser to Iceland’s National Security Council. She graduated from Lund University in Sweden in 2011 with a master’s degree in risk management and safety engineering. For her bachelor’s, she did a double degree in physics and philosophy. She also holds diplomas in international relations and law of the sea. Soley is married to Jakob, an architect, and together they have two children Oli and Steinunn. The family lived in Denmark for a decade and Greenland for a couple of years, where they learned to ride dog-sleds. Soley is a strong proponent for gender equality in the work force and is currently head of Icelandic Coast Guard’s Workplace Equality Committee. Soley is a Fulbright scholar and plans to study Arctic security and political relations while at Yale. Going to Yale is a lifelong dream, first hearing of the university in American teen drama TV series as a child and then learning of the important status Yale has academically later on.