Tanvi Mehta (BK '21) is an interdisciplinary Political Science major from Columbia, SC with a concentration in health policy. She is interested in the intersections between population health, sociology, and political science. Her interest in Global Health began with a Public Health internship at the office for the Assistant Secretary for Preparedness and Response in HHS. She followed this passion by pursuing a research position at the Harvard School of Public Health, and has never looked back. After taking the gateway course for the program she continued to find that all of her passions intersected in the interdisciplinary area of Global Health. She hopes to positively change both the way we approach minimizing the effects of the social determinants of health and the infrastructure we have for our healthcare system. Tanvi believes that enacting change in the world truly starts by engaging with local communities. For the next two summers she will be working with Knoema, a data analytics company, to create a study protocol and deliverable dashboard to track and analyze medication availability in Uganda. Outside of class, she is captain of Yale's Bollywood team – Rangeela, a Coordinator and counselor for Camp Kesem, an EMT with Yale EMS, fan engagement chair for Whaling Crew, and is in Pi Beta Phi. She loves to spend time with friends, go to sporting events, travel, and pursue her passion for photography!