Vijay Pathak is a student at Yale University from Luxembourg and Toulouse, France. He is majoring in Ethics, Politics, and Economics, and his academic interests lie at the intersections of statecraft, international law, welfare and socialist theory, and the foreign and security policies of the EU and United States. His interest in the role the military plays in these areas stems from his experience in the British Royal Air Force’s CCF prior to studying at Yale. Vijay completed his education at Winchester College in the United Kingdom and is committed to continuing to develop a global perspective on his areas of interest. To this end, he has completed coursework in international relations at Bocconi University in Milan, and most recently, in International Law at the University of Oxford. His ambitions of fostering EU-US ties also extend to business, an avenue he has pursued through internships in global private equity and real estate as well as creating his own startup in the education sector. Vijay is currently conducting research on adopting a global treaty on crimes against humanity with the Yale Law School, is fluent in English, French, Dutch, and German, and is also an avid fan of the French football team.