Twelve Yale University graduate students have been named Kerry Fellows for the 2017-18 academic year. Part of the Kerry Initiative led by former Secretary of State John Kerry YC ’66, the Fellows will collaborate with Sec. Kerry on leading-edge research and high-profile publications for a global audience.

The students represent several of Yale’s professional schools, including the schools of Divinity, Forestry and Environmental Studies, Law, Management, as well as the Jackson Institute for Global Affairs, which is part of the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences.

The 2017-18 Kerry Fellows are:

  • Gracia Angulo (Jackson Institute for Global Affairs)
  • Razieh Armin (Jackson Institute for Global Affairs)
  • Elle Brunsdale (School of Forestry and Environmental Studies/School of Management)
  • Zach Devlin-Foltz (Jackson Institute for Global Affairs)
  • Andrew Dylag (School of Management)
  • Chris Haugh (Law School)
  • Yume Hoshijima (School of Forestry and Environmental Studies/Law School)
  • Vamam Muppala (School of Management)
  • Ines-Cyd Oyono (Jackson Institute for Global Affairs)
  • Beatrice Walton (Law School)
  • Tarleton Watkins (Yale Divinity School)
  • Zoe Weinberg (Law School)

Five Yale undergraduate students were also selected as Kerry Yale College Fellows. They include:

  • Pranav Bhandarkar (ethics, politics, & economics major)
  • Zachary Cohen (history and political science major)
  • Joshua Hochman (history major)
  • Benjamin Nadolsky (history and global affairs major)
  • Riddhima Yadav (ethics, politics, & economics major)

“The Kerry Fellows are bright, passionate individuals who are dedicated to making a difference through public service. As the next generation of leaders, they will be asked to develop solutions for the many global challenges we face,” said Kerry.

“The most pressing issues of our time — from climate change to violent extremism— require multidisciplinary solutions. The Kerry Fellows represent diverse academic disciplines, life experiences and nationalities. I look forward to working closely with this outstanding group of students over the next year,” Kerry added.

“I am proud of the inaugural Kerry Fellows and Kerry Yale College Fellows for earning this extraordinary opportunity to work with Secretary Kerry,” said Yale President Peter Salovey.

“He will teach them how to apply knowledge and passion to tackle complicated, global problems, developing their leadership skills. This is a moment that I had hoped for as long ago as 2014, when Secretary Kerry gave a truly inspiring speech on Class Day. He said, ‘…I am convinced if you are willing to challenge the conventional wisdom, which you should be after this education, you can avoid the dangerous byproducts of indifference, hopelessness, and my least favorite: cynicism.’ I look forward to celebrating the impact that these fellows will have on the world,” Salovey said.

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