María José González

2023 Climate Fellow

María José González leads the Green Hydrogen Program for Uruguay's Ministry of Industry, Energy and Mining. Prior to this role, she led an inter-ministerial project, Biovalor, working at the junction of waste, energy, and climate change sectors. As a United Nations consultant, she coordinated this program, together with Uruguay's government, implementing several pilot clean technology solutions for Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) and larger companies. With the National Development Agency (ANDE) she worked to design a circular economy program, including co-financing private sector projects.

Earlier in her career, she worked with a consultancy firm to design the first Waste Management Master Plan for Montevideo. Later, she was the director of an NGO involved in a recycling initiative with top international companies as partners. María José works as an independent consultant, teacher, and member of the technical evaluation committee for several research and innovation organizations.

Born in France, María José was raised in Uruguay and attended college at the University of the Republic, earning her undergraduate degree in Civil Hydraulic Engineering and her Master's in Environmental Engineering.