Emerging Climate Leaders Fellowship

The six-month program brings together a diverse group of talented young clean energy and climate leaders from emerging countries.

The Yale Emerging Climate Leaders Fellowship offers an opportunity for 16 young climate and clean energy practitioners from across the Global South to broaden their technical skills, deepen their professional networks, and exchange views with top global clean energy and climate change leaders.

Climate Fellows are drawn from a wide variety of professions, ranging from public servants to entrepreneurs, energy company professionals, financiers, journalists, educators, researchers, civil society representatives, legal advisers, and legislators.

This six-month, three-part initiative is based out of Yale’s International Leadership Center with partnerships throughout the university. Fellows engage with prominent Yale faculty and a network of top practitioners to explore key issues in the global clean energy and climate change agenda.

Admission is highly competitive. Each cohort of fellows is geographically balanced and represents a wide range of professions, talents, experience, cultures, people, and perspectives.