ISS Pre- and Post-doctoral Associates

Our pre- and post-doctoral associates use their time on campus to conduct original research and write manuscripts for publication, focused on international affairs and the conduct of statecraft, diplomacy, and grand strategy. 

They also participate in the ISS Colloquium, a weekly training workshop and active academic community of pre- and post-doctoral associates, as well as Yale faculty in history, political science, and other disciplines. 

To learn more, please see our Fellowships and Awards page.

Sean Case Thumbnail
Sean Case
Sean Case is a Henry A. Kissinger Visiting Scholars Postdoctoral …
Vivien Chang Thumbnail
Vivien Chang
Vivien Chang is a Postdoctoral Fellow in International Security Studies …
Daniel Chardell Thumbnail
Daniel Chardell
Daniel Chardell is a Henry Chauncey ’57 Postdoctoral Fellow in …
Hao Chen Thumbnail
Hao Chen
Hao Chen is the Henry Chauncey ’57 Postdoctoral Fellow in …
Graydon Dennison Thumbnail
Graydon Dennison
Graydon Dennison is a Ph.D. candidate at Temple University under …
Charles Fawell Thumbnail
Charles Fawell
Charles Bégué Fawell is a historian of European imperialism in …
Goitom Gebreluel Thumbnail
Goitom Gebreluel
Goitom Gebreluel is a Henry Chauncey Jr. '57 Postdoctoral Fellow …
Nataliia Laas Thumbnail
Nataliia Laas
Nataliia Laas is a Henry Chauncey Jr.’57 Postdoctoral Fellow at …
Madelyn Lugli Thumbnail
Madelyn Lugli
Madelyn Lugli is the Henry A. Kissinger Predoctoral Fellow in …
Artur Pericles Lima Monteiro Thumbnail
Artur Pericles Lima Monteiro
Artur Pericles is a Lecturer in Global Affairs and the …
Ian Seavey Thumbnail
Ian Seavey
Ian Seavey is a Predoctoral Fellow in International Security Studies …
Mattie Webb Thumbnail
Mattie Webb
Mattie Webb is a Kissinger Visiting Scholar Postdoctoral Fellow with …