Mattie Webb is a Kissinger Visiting Scholar Postdoctoral Fellow with International Security Studies at the Jackson School of Global Affairs. She is also an affiliate with Rhodes University’s Neil Aggett Labour Studies Unit in South Africa. A historian of the United States and southern Africa, Mattie’s research explores the history of the anti-apartheid movement by considering the impact of U.S. business reform on South African workers, particularly those employed by U.S. multinationals.

At Yale, Mattie will work on her book manuscript, “Diplomacy at Work: The South African Worker, U.S. Multinationals, and Transnational Racial Solidarity (1972-1987),” which places South African workers and trade unionists at the center of global narratives of empire, U.S. foreign policy, and labor and race relations. Her work has appeared in Ethnic Studies Review, Cold War History, and The Washington Post, and she has a forthcoming article in Enterprise & Society. She received her Ph.D. in History from the University of California, Santa Barbara, where her work was funded by a Fulbright fellowship.