Doris Edem Agbevivi

2023 Climate Fellow

Doris Edem Agbevivi is an energy analyst in emerging technologies and climate change with over seven years of experience working in clean energy and sustainable development in Ghana and internationally. Her areas of expertise include mainstreaming and promoting sustainable energy and transport initiatives, research, auditing, emerging technologies, planning, and policy. She has spent the past six years with the Energy Commission working closely with energy sector stakeholders and informing policymaking in Ghana. Doris has also participated in and led technical knowledge exchange events in Ghana and abroad. She consulted for the WHO’s Urban Health Initiative to analyse the impact of various cooking fuels on health.

Doris is currently the coordinator of the Drive Electric Initiative in Ghana; an e-mobility initiative of the Energy Commission aimed at driving the productive use of electricity while ushering in an era of green and sustainable energy use. Under this initiative, she organized Ghana’s first e-mobility conference and exhibition to bring together major stakeholders, exhibit electric vehicles and to raise public awareness. She also organized Ghana’s first public charging forum aimed at training stakeholders on public charging.

Doris is a passionate advocate for clean and sustainable energy and transport use on both the national and international level. She has appeared on a number of panels including the WHO’s first Air Pollution and Health Conference, the ECOWAS Sustainable Energy Forum, IEA’s 3rd EV Pilot City Forum, World Bank’s SUM4ALL, and the United Nations High Level Political Forum (UNHLPF). She holds an MSc in Energy Economics from the University of Aberdeen, UK.