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Degree Programs

Undergraduate Degree, Global Affairs (B.A.) Image

Undergraduate Degree, Global Affairs (B.A.)

The Global Affairs major is for students who want to better understand and impact the world around them.
Master in Public Policy, Global Affairs (M.P.P.) Image

Master in Public Policy, Global Affairs (M.P.P.)

Our academically rigorous yet flexible interdisciplinary program prepares students for careers in global leadership and service.
Joint Degrees Image

Joint Degrees

Our integrated joint programs combine global affairs skills with a professional specialization.
Master of Advanced Study, Global Affairs (M.A.S.) Image

Master of Advanced Study, Global Affairs (M.A.S.)

This program is for mid-career professionals interested in advancing their expertise in their chosen field of global affairs.

Non-Degree Programs

Maurice R. Greenberg World Fellows Image

Maurice R. Greenberg World Fellows

This four-month leadership development program allows Fellows to audit classes, pursue research and mentor students.
Kerry Fellows Image

Kerry Fellows

Kerry Fellows are Yale students who work on key projects for the Kerry Initiative, including conducting research, helping write journal publications and social media content, and more.
Global Health Studies Image

Global Health Studies

The Global Health Studies Program offers Yale undergrads the opportunity to engage critically and analytically in global health from multiple disciplinary approaches and perspectives.
Grand Strategy Image

Grand Strategy

The program offers a year-long course to Yale students that addresses large-scale, long-term strategic challenges of statecraft, politics, and social change.